Jag satt just med en kopp te på altanen i Sverige och blickade ut över dammen bredvid vårt sommarhus. Det är försommar, det är grönt, det är skönt, det är fågelkvitter, det är sol, det är blommor och grönska, det är ljuvliga dofter från naturen. Allt detta fick mig att känna en enorm tacksamhet, både för livet i sig och för min förmåga att uppleva. Jag kände mig så fylld av ljus och frid, och jag kände djup förundran över naturens naturliga...

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If I go to bed at night, and suddenly realize that I don’t know where I put my wallet, I have to step out of bed and check where it is before I can relax. That same feeling, of things being unresolved or undetermined, is sometimes what you feel in life in general. The difference is just that a look in your purse won't make you more satisfied. At the moment, I feel a bit confused. My mind easily gets preoccupied with thoughts about what I really...

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Today I’m writing from Texas, where I am visiting friends. My original thought was to finish this week’s post before I left home, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. (I could write a whole blogpost about how tired I am on myself for always doing things last minute, but that’s not my intention here…) It’s easy to feel stressed when you’re out last minute. That’s what I felt today, when I opened the computer and tried to find something to write about. The only thing I seemed to be capable...

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When I went through piles of papers on my desk the other day, I found a quote I'd written down earlier this year from the TV show ”Mr Selfridge." The show takes place in London in the early 1900s, and tells the story of the founder of Selfridge’s and his staff. In one episode, Mr. Selfridge convinces one of his employees to come back to work after she'd decided to leave due to an incident with her alcoholic father. The employee is concerned about what other staff members will think about it all when she gets some sage advice from...

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Since I sold my condo in Stockholm, I’ve been doing some stock trading. It has been a great source of income while I’ve been trying to figure out in which direction to take my career, but sometimes it’s quite a challenge for the psyche. Like last week, when I lost a lot of money — a defeat that brought up issues and doubts in other areas of my life as well. 

It’s interesting how we as humans always have this tendency to let things go too far before we wake up; before we realize that we need ...

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Last week my mother and I took a day trip to the mountains outside Santa Barbara, California. While we were in a quaint book store, my mother bought a birthday card for a friend, the inside of which suggested that the recipient “Go set the world on fire”—a proposal that stuck with me long after we left the shop. Days later I heard it echo inside my head, and I started to ask myself why the words kept coming back.

After having been enormously enthusiastic about the new project...

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