An expert in the art of relaxing... 

An expert in the art of relaxing... 

Today I’m writing from Texas, where I am visiting friends. My original thought was to finish this week’s post before I left home, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. (I could write a whole blogpost about how tired I am on myself for always doing things last minute, but that’s not my intention here…) I felt really stressed earlier today, when I opened the computer and tried to find something to write about. The only thing I seemed to be capable of was staring into the screen without touching the keyboard, and the document stayed scarily empty for a long time. After a while, I decided to stop forcing, and use the old trick of taking a nap instead.

When you relax and let go of what troubles you, if only for a short while, you suddenly become so much more receptive and creative. (It’s not a coincidence that good ideas and solutions often are born in the shower.) To try too much seldom leads to good results, it just makes you tense and frustrated. This I all remembered a few minutes after I’d laid down. I was once again reminded of how much easier it is to let an idea find you, instead of the other way around. Sometimes we’re  so busy chasing things, that we don’t realize that we carry the answers within ourselves. We just need to calm down and relax to be able to see it.


Do A Little Soul Searching...


1. Is there any area in your life where you’re trying to much? 

2. What would happen if you would let your troubles go for a while?

3. Do any other thoughts or insights appear?


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