If I go to bed at night, and suddenly realize that I don’t know where I put my wallet, I have to step out of bed and check where it is before I can relax. That same feeling, of things being unresolved or undetermined, is sometimes what you feel in life in general. The difference is just that a look at the hallway table or in your purse won't make you more satisfied. At the moment, I feel a bit confused. My mind easily gets preoccupied with thoughts about what I really want, where I want to be, where I'm going, and so on… I don’t feel entirely comfortable with my situation as it is, but gaining clarity is not a process you can force or rush just like that. You seldom make good decisions when you’re overwhelmed anyway, better to hold off the action steps until you feel more grounded.

Something this uncomfortable condition has reminded me of though, is to indulge in the small moments of happiness. A coffee in the sun, a conversation with a friend, a Skype-call with my niece or nephew, a hot shower, a moment of creative music-making... It’s such a cliché, but it is the small, everyday moments that are life. Happiness often comes to us in glimpses - small moments when we feel connected, peaceful and present. I’m convinced that the better you are at recognizing and enjoy these glimpses, the more often they will show up...


Do A Little Soul Searching…

  1. When was the last time you felt a glimpse of peace and happiness?
  2. What can you appreciate and indulge in here and now? 
  3. Do any other thoughts or insights appear?


Today's music is inspired by Swedish folk music, even if it might be hard to tell... Enjoy! 

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