Photo: Toby Jacobs

Photo: Toby Jacobs

Photo: Toby Jacobs

Photo: Toby Jacobs

Photo: Philip Wareborn

Photo: Philip Wareborn

The 29th of December 1981 I arrived to this world.

Music was a big deal in my family and when I was 4 years old I got a tiny little sixteenth violin from my grandfather. By the age of 13, I decided to become a professional violinist, and now I'm living that dream. I perfected the craft by studying at the School of Music in Gothenburg, and Universität der Künste in Berlin. As a musician I have worked in the most diverse contexts, with many different styles and genres. I travelled the world with symphony orchestras as well as pop artists. 


Somehow I’ve ended up in Los Angeles…

After I met my husband, who happened to both live in and love L.A., I moved from Stockholm, Sweden to the American west coast in 2015. I certainly have a love-hate relationship to this big, traffic filled, and suburb-like city. More and more often though, I like living here a lot! 


If anything, moving is a golden opportunity for a fresh start. 

I’ve spent 15 years working with other people’s projects, playing other people’s music and being part of other people’s visions - something that often has been both fun and meaningful. However, I’ve experienced a growing yearning to do my own thing. Starting a new life in a new city has been the perfect setup for my next career move. 


I’m happy when I write music.

During the last couple of years, I’ve discovered that I love to compose music. When I sit down at the piano, with my violin next to me, I get absorbed, inspired and present in the moment. Through writing, I get to express my creativity and my truth.


Music has always spoken to me. 

Music has a unique ability to get me in touch with my emotions. I often feel that music, in a powerful and wordless way, recognizes who I truly am, and what I truly feel. Music simply allows the truth to come forward, and helps me to see the real, authentic me. Not the one I wish I was, but the one I actually am. To learn to see and love yourself for who you really are is crucial - at least if you want harmony in your life.


I highly appreciate the value of my own joy.

That I’ve learned through my career and life so far. I’m sick and tired of feeling a need to be good, (or preferably the best) at everything I do, in order to prove myself worthy of others' appreciation. I have focused way too much on my achievements, and been far too arrogant when it comes to my own joy. After going through a depression a couple of years ago, I know what happens when you end up having deprived yourself of all joy. I’m now taking better care of myself, and I want my heart to be with me on my journey.


The beauty in it all…

I feel blessed, happy and immensely grateful to live and learn, to develop and grow. It might not be fun all the time, but I enjoy my insights and discoveries. I enjoy seeing how one thing leads to another, how logical things often appear when I look in the rear-view mirror. I’m fascinated by the inexplicable, enigmatic nature of life. Everything has its time, and is beautiful in its own way.